What is KeynectUp?


KeynectUp is the preeminent one-click assistance tool. KeynectUp enables you to deliver resources and contacts to your clients in seconds. We’re not an app! KeynectUp utilizes technology that is pre-built onto any smartphone to make it easy for your audience or clients to contact you. To learn more, book a demo and check out the intro to KeynectUp video on the right.

KeynectUp is used by Study Abroad organizations to get vital travel and safety information onto their travellers phones.

One of the biggest challenges on Campus is getting Campus safety information onto students phones. KeynectUp solves that, click the image to find out how.

KeynectUp providers your travelers and policy-holders with one-click assistance directly on their smartphones. Deliver policy information, 24/7 assistance phone numbers, emails, URLs, and PDFs: all without an app.

Hear why our customers choose KeynectUp.