We are honored to be a finalist for the 2017 GoAbroad Innovation Awards in the category of innovative technology! GoAbroad has recently announced that KeynectUp is one of the top nominees for the award. The GoAbroad website describes the honor:


“This award recognizes the creation and/or use of an innovative technology or tool specific to international education. This tool may be a technical advancement, a resource, or a device that demonstrates an innovative approach. Nominees are evaluated based on the success of implementing the technology, how it stands out from other resources in the field, and its overall impact to the staff or student experience.”


Here at KeynectUp, we’ve been working hard to create a technology that promotes student safety while traveling abroad. Our tech ensures that students are prepared for any situation overseas, whether they need a local cab or need to contact the local US embassy and emergency officials. The best (and most innovative) aspect of KeynectUp: we are NOT an app! We’re so excited to receive this recognition for our hard work.


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