How can Title IX get their emergency info saved to student phones?



If you think about, this should be a no-brainer.


If you were to guess one item for a student to have on them at all times, what would it be? To a millennial, the answer is pretty obvious: their phone. Although some older generations give millennials a hard time about their cellular attachment issues, having a phone on hand can give students a leg up in an emergency; they always have a safety line.


So, how can Title IX make use of this asset to keep students educated and safe on campus?


Do you have your contact information on the school’s website? Because that is not enough. It could take students dozens of clicks to search the school’s website for Title IX contact info, and that’s in ideal circumstances. If they don’t have wifi or data available, then there’s no chance that they’d be able to find TIX contacts from their phones.


We believe that all college students should be able to access emergency resources provided by their Title IX Coordinator at any time via their phones – no wifi or data required. That’s why we’ve come with an app-free solution called KeynectUp.


Why not make use of the native contacts app that’s built into every smartphone? From there, students can save Title IX contact info and access it without any internet searches.


KeynectUp’s technology allows for students to download a Title IX Coordinator’s contact info with one simple text: no app download required. You, the Title IX Coordinator, can add numerous phone numbers, emails, and web links to make for easy access for students. Check out Trinity College’s Title IX card below to get an idea of how this could look.


“The team at KeynectUp reached out to me and in minutes demonstrated the value for my role as the campus Title IX coordinator. In a time of crisis a student should be able to access sexual harassment resources in one click on their device not five or six. KeynectUp makes this possible.”

Tim Dunn

Title IX Coordinator, Trinity College

 Get your contact info saved to your students’ phones.


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