Recap of KeynectUp’s Northeast User Group Meeting



On Tuesday, June 27th, we held a Group User Meeting for northeast clients – and it was a hit! We hosted various collegiate users, ranging from study abroad officials to Title IX coordinators to travel risk managers, at the Wellesley College Club.


Our agenda opened with a presentation from founder and tech-guru Douglas Chrystall on the scope of technology today, which included an in-depth review on the failure of collegiate apps. This segued into an open discussion between users on best practices with their KeynectUp cards on campus. Some of the great takeaways:


  • vCard groups, like Boston College’s BCsafe, make downloading multiple cards easier for students during campus orientation.
  • Our new student well-check texting feature streamlines the safety check-in process for staff during an emergency overseas.
  • We’re not an app! Students love that KeynectUp cards don’t require a storage-eating app download to their phones.
  • The practice of “Tabletop Drills” utilizes RAs to keep students refreshed on accessing and utilizing the University’s KeynectUp card.

After Douglas closed the discussion with a review of KeynectUp’s latest features, the group broke up for a lunch and some delicious desserts provided by the College Club. Overall, the four-hour meet-up flew by!


If you’re interested in joining us for our next User Group Meeting, let us know through the button below. We’re excited to hear more best-practices through our next open discussion.


Check out where some of our great attendees came from.