Introducing our latest tech feature: Student Well-Check Texting

We’re excited to announce our latest feature for KeynectUp safety cards: student well-check texting! This new feature allows you to send mass-texts to students overseas to check in on their well-being; students can respond via their phones.


As you can see above, the user can check which subscribers have responded to the mass-text. At a glance, the user can check the color-coded dots to see who is safe: green light signifies a response from students, while a red light signifies no response.

Student well-check texting has a wide range of potential uses:


  • In instances of crisis or emergency overseas, send a mass-text to your students abroad to make sure they’re safe.
  • Before the weekend, send a mass-text to check if students are traveling or staying in their host country.
  • For events or excursions, send a mass-text asking students if they are attending.

And, like all other KeynectUp card features… there is no app necessary for students to respond to well-check text messages!

Learn how to do it all without an app.


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Check out some screen-shots from the back-end of this new mass-texting feature.


In this screen, the user can send a text to one of their subscriber lists. Here, you can see the user has chosen the list “Barcelona Trip,” which includes three subscribers.


Here’s the home page for the user’s mass-text messages, where the user can see their mass-text history. This main page gives an overview of past messages, their subscribers, how many replies were received, and who last replied. More details can be accessed from the blue “view” button.


From this page, the user can manage who subscribes to their mass texts. Subscribers can be manually added and removed.

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