Growing Study Abroad through Social Media Influencers


KeynectUp has partnered with Via TRM to bring new content to our study abroad audience. This post below was written by Micaela Mathre, Marketing Lead & CX Manager for Via TRM.


We have all heard about the importance of using social media to reach Generation Z, also known as the iGeneration.


Studies have shown that this generation has a digital attention span of just 2.8 seconds: quite the decrease from the 8.0 seconds given by their predecessors, Millennials.

When it comes to study abroad, reaching more students with every opportunity available should be a top priority.



Here are some excellent examples of institutions and organizations that have engaged students by meeting them where they are: on social media.

  • Study in New Zealand capitalizes on the social media influence of thousands of international students by encouraging them to use the hashtag #StudyinNZ on their social media posts. They drum up further interest by choosing Kiwi Ambassadors, or students who receive scholarships to study in New Zealand and become official social media representatives.
  • Arizona State University does a great job using themes on social media to provide relevant information to students consistently. #MajorMonday highlights programs by field and #FundingFriday highlights scholarships and deadlines each week.
  • The University of Auckland hands over the reins of their Instagram to exchange ambassadors. The ambassadors post images and captions in a tone that resonates with their peers.

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