Voice Activating a KeynectUp card


Have you ever tried pulling up your KeynectUp card with your smartphone’s virtual assistant? The iPhone’s version, Siri, is capable of delivering any KeynectUp contact page in seconds with one simple command.




Give it a try.

For an iPhone, hold the home button to activate Siri.


There are a few phrases you can use to pull up a card. Either “Open [your card name] contact” or “Open the contact for [your card name]” will work.


Then, watch the magic!


All components of your card show up clearly, including notes. The user can easily scroll through all points of contact right after Siri pulls up the card. Phone numbers can be dialed directly from this screen.



Calling a KeynectUp contact.

If you ask Siri to call a KeynectUp card, she’ll give you some options, as seen to the left. If the requested KeynectUp card has multiple phone numbers, Siri will display all of them, including their custom labels, and ask you to pick one to dial.


Remind your students or other card users of Siri’s capabilities when they first download your KeynectUp card. Locating an emergency KeynectUp card could take a users seconds when they utilize their smartphone’s virtual assistant.


Best of all, there is no app required for any of this functionality!