How can “Emergency SOS” save lives during a crisis?

With iOS 11, Apple has made some drastic changes to the iPhone’s capabilities during an emergency.


By the end of 2017, Apple will release iOS 11: an expected software update to accompany the new iPhone 8. But with this expected update comes an unexpected emergency feature – instant disabling of fingerprint scanning.


According to programmers with access to a beta version of iOS 11, fingerprint scanning via the iPhone’s home button (which can be used to gain entry to the phone) can be disabled with five clicks of the phone’s power button. The five clicks also bring up the option to quick-dial the police with just the swipe of a slider.



That’s not all Emergency SOS is capable of. Once the power button is clicked five times, the phone sends a notification to the user’s saved emergency contact, as well as the user’s current location.


This new feature for iOS 11 is a welcome addition to the iPhone’s emergency response capabilities. With only five taps of a button, iPhone users can activate a safety net within their personal network, as well as through the local police.


Learn more through this DailyMail article.



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