Introducing the KeynectUp Safety Platform

After introducing our Well-Check Texting at the start of this summer, we’ve expanded it into an full-blown safety platform. Well-Check Texting gave admins the ability to send mass-texts to students from the KeynectUp dashboard and track all responses in one place. By building upon this ground-breaking, app-free solution, we’ve created a brand new platform that can deliver texts across the globe to numbers that are inaccessible by the typical U.S. phone.

Meet the KeynectUp Safety Platform!

If you’re familiar with our Well-Check Texting system, you’ll find that our Safety Platform looks fairly similar. However, we’ve added some new, major features.

  1. The ability to store a students’ American number and overseas number
  2. The ability to text numerous country numbers that aren’t able to text American numbers
  3. Message delivery via email

Storing overseas numbers

We’ve incorporated this major feature to assist our study abroad clients with keeping track of student phone numbers. Many of our clients noted to us that their students usually buy into a local phone plan once they arrive in their host country during their semester abroad. Our new solution enables students abroad to update their American phone number (which KeynectUp stores when their first KeynectUp card is downloaded) to their new international number. This update requires no work on the study abroad admin’s part.


How does it work?

Students must simply send a text with their new international number to KeynectUp. As long as the students’ American number is incorporated into a messaging group on the KeynectUp Safety Platform, their new international number will automatically be paired with their name and old number.

Texting overseas numbers

Based on feedback from our study abroad clients, most students who buy phone plans overseas choose cheaper options that don’t allow them to text a U.S. phone number. After incorporating the ability to store students’ international numbers, we realized we needed a foolproof method for texting these overseas numbers. So, we’ve begun to build out a portfolio of international phone numbers that can text any in-country number (eg, we’ve acquired an Italian number that can text any Italian phone… and the list goes on).


How does it work?

Our setup here is pretty slick. When sending a group message from the Safety Platform, the admin doesn’t need to do anything different to reach non-U.S. phone numbers. When the admin sends a message from the dashboard, our platform identifies the country of origin and the texting capabilities of any recipient phone number. So, if a study abroad trip leader has a group of students in France, England, and Italy, all with varying international phone numbers, the trip leader must only send one message from the platform. One message will deliver to each student’s phone from the local country number.

We’re continuously expanding our portfolio of countries we can text within. As of right now, our supported countries are the U.K., Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, and Spain. If you’re hoping to text within a country that’s not on the list, we’re happy to take requests. We’ll be continuously expanding this list.

Email message delivery

When listening to feedback from our study abroad clients, we also found that some students going abroad choose not to buy into a local phone plan and instead rely on wifi only for communication. Naturally, texting would not work for these students. So, we included a supplement to our Safety Platform: email messaging.

How does it work?

When a group message is sent via the Safety Platform dashboard, two identical messages will automatically be delivered to each recipient: one via text and one via email. If a student doesn’t have an active phone number, only an email will be delivered. Students can respond to the email via the click of a link. All responses will be tracked in the Safety Platform’s dashboard, with an icon indicating whether the recipient responded via email or text.

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