If you are like our team here at KeynectUp, you are more than eager for the upcoming holiday break. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we want to share our five favorite travel-prep tips that we’ve collected from the best in travel risk management.



Sharing is caring (especially with your location) – If you are driving, flying, or even sledding to your holiday destination this year, it is a best-practice to share your location or route with your loved ones.

  • With technology today, there are options to share your live location for a set time period, so if something were to happen along the way, your loved ones could find you. Bradley on the KeynectUp team has experience with this on a road trip through Texas. Ask him about it next time you see him on social media!



Insurance isn’t just for home and auto – Life is unpredictable and your vacation is no different. For many of our largest worries, we use insurance to reduce the risk. It is crucial we do the same with our vacation.



Plan ahead for bumps and bruises – It is always best to have a first aid kit on standby for any bumps, cuts, or accidents that may happen while en route to your destination. A band-aid, a Tums dosage, a disinfectant spray, and an ibuprofen can go a long way for someone in any type of discomfort.



Keep your valuables close by – Protect wallets, cards, and cash by keeping them close to your body or leaving them at home, if possible. Not everything needs to go with you at all points of the vacation.



Keep emergency contacts at hand – Be sure to save any emergency resources and your travel partners’ contact info directly to your phone, especially if there are young children in the group. What is the point of all our preparation if we cannot make a simple phone call to get the help we need?

  • At KeynectUp, we witness this challenge everyday when people store their emergency contact information on one piece of paper or in a PDF. What happens if you forget that physical copy of your resources? Take 30 seconds to import that information as a contact on your device so you always have it available and can share it with your fellow travelers.



Thanks for checking out our five favorite tips to traveling safely. Happy holidays to all, and to all, safe travels!


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