Textback Service

There are many ways to deliver KeynectUp information to someone. One of the easiest and most popular is to use our textback service. You need to enable this service through the admin console.

Once the service is enabled, you can then let people download your information by texting your KUPID to 444-999 (US only). We also have a series of overseas numbers to help overseas customers.

One of the most powerful ways to use KeynectUp Text-back is during a presentation. The two most common questions asked at a presentation are: First, “can we have your contact details”, Second, “can we have a copy of the presentation”. With KeynectUp we make this a seamless operation for you and your audience.

This video shows the service being used with a long code phone number, but it can also be done with our shortcode 444-999 or on our website Keynect.us.


During this process you can use KeynectUp’s unique challenge question technology to get feedback from your audience. Our customers typically see 10x the response rate of any other service. An example of this, is one of our customers received over 90 responses wishing to be contacted about the service they were selling. Typically they would only get 4-6 people coming to talk to them after the presentation.

One other example is we have car dealers, using the service to deliver survey questions, post a sale or service of a car.