The bold fact is that Auto Dealerships make it hard for their customers to contact them
Let’s look at the history of how customers contact their dealerships


Not long ago every house had a big book called the Yellow Pages and customers would search through all the other auto dealerships to find and call theirs.  Or they would dial and pay 411 to queue up the number and dial the dealership.
Then the internet came along and customers shifted the search for their dealerships online. Search results pointed to  a website and the need to open a “Contact Us” page.  This introduced the digital risk that the web search will pull up an alternative path for the customer and thus erode the Lifetime Value of Customer.

Right Technology

  • Increase Servicing Revenue
  • Make it easier for customers or even non-customers to contact you
  • Control your brand on your customer’s phones
  • Keeps your brand in front of customers


  • Reduce Google search costs
  • Differentiate yourself from other Dealers
  • Improve call answer rates from customers
  • Eliminate your emails from going into spam to your customer


  • Increase your sales
  • Have your opening hours always at hand for customers
  • Improve customer to customer referrals
  • Increase servicing through your brand
VW vCard

Try it Yourself

Try it. Here is how it works at Audi Natick. Simply text the message ‘AudiNatick’ to phone number 444999.  The end result is a content rich vCard stored in your device. Audi Natick customers are asked to follow this process after they buy a car or complete a service appointment. Moving forward they can more easily contact the dealership and that drives a higher Customer Service Index (CSI) score for the dealership.

Increasing service customers with KeynectUp

In this video we will demonstrate how KeynectUp helps increase the number of customers who come back and get their car serviced with you. With our proven technology car dealers not only increase service customers, but they reduce their marketing costs and increase the productivity of their Service Advisors. Some of our customers have reduced their marketing spend by over $2000 per month.