Add KeynectUp to Your Website

The KeynectUp admin dashboard allows your company to create an actionable logo that you can insert onto your website. This makes it easy for visitors to click the KeynectUp logo and save your information to their contacts. Simply place the logo in a prominent position on your company’s website, add your unique KeynectUp URL and your done. Visitors will appreciate saving your information to easily contact you at a future date. KeynectUp continues to be the fastest way to get your information to your customers, whether they are on their desktop or on their mobile device. KeynectUp is redefining the traditional “About Us” field on a website.

Here is how the Edelstein CPA is utilizing their KeynectUp link on their company website. Notice they have added the KeynectUp logo on their contact us page.

Edelstein are a great company and if you want to contact them, then click the link below.

Edelstein vCard