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Student Well-Check Texting

Introducing our latest tech feature: Student Well-Check Texting We're excited to announce our latest feature for KeynectUp safety cards: student well-check texting! This new feature allows you to send mass-texts to students overseas to check in on their well-being;...

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How can you facilitate student reporting?

How can we facilitate student reporting? We know that colleges and universities provide dozens of resources to assist in the reporting process for students who've experienced sexual assault. From confidential services both on and off campus to emergency...

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Recap of NAFSA ’17

We had a great time at NAFSA 2017! Last week (May 29th to June 1st), we attended NAFSA 2017 in LA, where Go Overseas hosted us in their pavilion and made us feel like a part of the team. We enjoyed having numerous conversations with NAFSA attendees about safety for...

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