“KeynectUp is giving community members information that helps us help them.”

Debra Patch, Assoc. Director of Campus Safety – Villanova University

The Challenges:


  • Ensure students have all emergency contacts for the Villanova campus in an easy-to-access format
  • Promote downloads of the NovaSafe mobile app
The Solutions:


  • Create one KeynectUp card, titled Villanova Public Safety, that contains all campus emergency resources
  • Add a link for the NovaSafe app to the Villanova Public Safety card to promote app downloads

Before implementing KeynectUp on campus, Debra Patch, Villanova’s Associate Director of Campus Safety, was facing two battles: making sure students could quickly access emergency contacts when needed, and encouraging downloads of the campus’ safety app, NovaSafe.


Villanova’s campus safety app, NovaSafe, is an app developed by Villanova and a free-to-download safety tool for students on campus. The app allows Villanova’s Public Safety to respond to emergencies quickly and with more insight into the situation. Its other features include a crime tips portal, “walk with friends” safety capabilities, and in-app communication with first responders.


Despite the plethora of features, the NovaSafe app proved to be a problem for Debra when it came to distribution. Students rarely took the time to search for the app on the app store, leading to low download rates across campus.

To combat the app’s low download rate, Debra incorporated KeynectUp into her freshman orientation and used it to distribute the app’s download link.

As Debra was building out her KeynectUp card for Public Safety, which included the campus’ emergency and non-emergency numbers, Villanova’s annual security report, sexual assault resources, and more, she included links to download the NovaSafe app. With links for download via both the Apple App Store and the Android’s Google Play Store, Debra made it easier for students to locate the NovaSafe app.


When Debra shared the customized KeynectUp card with students during fall orientation, successful distribution was instantaneous. 94% of the incoming freshman class (about 1,750 students) texted to download the KeynectUp card at least once. At the same time, the student download rate of the NovaSafe app skyrocketed, matching the download rate of the KeynectUp card.

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