Bentley Study Abroad

Bentley Study Abroad improve faculty and Student communication all without needing an app. KeynectUp not only improves communication, it actually makes students safer while traveling.

St. John Fisher College Title IX Case Study

Learn about our work with St. John Fisher College’s Title IX safety resources. Read more to find out how all SJFC students now have emergency contacts downloaded into their phones at orientation, ready to be used whenever an unexpected situation arises.

Framingham Public School District Case Study

Learn about our partnership with Framingham Public School District to keep parents in the loop. Read more to find out how one KeynectUp card for each schools has become an indispensable resource for parents.

Wellesley Mazda Case Study

We sat down with Joe Shaker of Wellesley Mazda to discuss how KeynectUp has worked for his car dealership. Read to learn more about how two simple KeynectUp cards helped cut Wellesley Mazda’s search engine marketing cost by 17%.

Wellesley Police Department Case Study

We’ve worked hard with Lt. Whittemore and Wellesley Police Department to bolster communication for Boston Marathon Safety. Check out the full case study to see how Wellesley Police used one KeynectUp card to keep hundreds of volunteers and staff connected.

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