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“With KeynectUp we now capture students name, Email and phone with a click, I’ll be retiring my paper cards and capturing student contact information via KeynectUp.”

Lucy Hardaker, Manager, CGEE Marketing and Outreach, Augsburg College

“The team at KeynectUp reached out to me and in minutes demonstrated the value for my role as the campus Title IX coordinator. In a time of crisis a student should be able to access sexual harassment resources in one click on their device not five or six. KeynectUp makes this possible.”

Tim Dunn

Title IX Coordinator, Trinity College

“We started with a small KeynectUp trial for a few study abroad trips. We were able to quickly validate that everyone on a January term trip was able to store deep and broad safety information into their device pre departure. KeynectUp will now be used for every trip abroad.”


Elise Beaudin

Associate Director, Office of International Programs, Babson College

“KeynectUp is giving community members information that helps us help them.”

Debra Patch

Associate Director of Public Safety, Villanova University

“We started with one KeynectUp Title IX “care card” and added a card for the Dean’s Office, Police Department, University Counseling and Alcohol Screening and Prevention. We really like the vGroup solution that allows students to download all these cards in one simple process. They just text “BCSafe” to 444-999.”

Lisa Berasi

Communications Specialist, Boston College

“Nothing is more important than the safety of Regis’s students, faculty, and staff when they travel overseas. That is why implementing KeynectUp is such a valuable resource to have. Knowing that our international travelers have all the important information at their fingertips is reassuring if needed.”

David Crisci

Director, Center for Global Connections, Regis College

“KeynectUp offered us a simple and effective way to get all of our students the important information they need at their fingertips.”

Lee Frankel

Found, Academic Studies Abroad

“If we’re going to pay a considerable amount of money for a printed card, with no guarantee that students will even bother to take a second look at it, let alone carry it with them, I would much rather see allocating those funds to a resource such as yours that puts these important numbers directly in students’ possessions on a device that they literally always have with them.”

Sara Shipley

Wellness Education Programmer, St. John Fisher

“KeynectUp allows us to deepen the relationship that we have with alumni and for them to deepen their relationship that they have with the institution. It’s worked out very, very well… The alumni like the fact that the information about the college is right at their fingertips now.”

Mike Sposili

Executive Director, Skidmore College




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