What is KeynectUp?

KeynectUp is the easiest way to deliver your resources and contacts to your clients in seconds. We’re not an app! KeynectUp utilizes technology that is pre-built onto any smartphone to make it easy for your constituents to contact you.

Is KeynectUp an app?

KeynectUp is NOT an app! KeynectUp’s technology utilizes technology that already exists on your phone, such as your contacts app. 

What platforms does KeynectUp work on?

KeynectUp works on any device that can access the internet. This includes iPhones, Android phones, any desktop or laptop, iPads, and more.

Does KeynectUp work internationally?

Yes! If you can accept international text messages, then KeynectUp works on your phone overseas.

How much does KeynectUp cost?

KeynectUp’s affordable pricing depends on your organization’s needs and size.

Who can utilize KeynectUp?

KeynectUp’s technology can be utilized by any business or individual. Clients we typically serve are international education providers, campus safety and Title IX coordinators, the automotive sector, and insurance providers and travel risk managers. We also are a leading provider of digital business cards. If you’re wondering if KeynectUp’s technology can work for your use case, just reach out.

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