Tom Davidson, President of On Call International

“This technology will put On Call’s clients in a stronger position to display their commitment to duty of care by giving their travelers a simple, straightforward method of storing and retrieving potentially life-saving information.”


With On Call and KeynectUp, organizations can provide their travelers with “app-less” mobile information-sharing to ensure they have access to essential emergency contact details and assistance.

By means of a simple text message, the traveler receives a link to download contact information for On Call’s 24/7 Global Response Center. With one click, this information is properly formatted and stored right in the traveler’s phone contacts for easy and seamless access. This simple approach to information-sharing significantly increases traveler awareness and adoption of On Call’s emergency assistance resources, which helps organizations meet their duty of care and better protect their travelers by using a technology that is both familiar and often preferred over a printed membership card.

On Call + KeynectUp = the Perfect Pair for Organizations like yours

No app to download


Customized with your unique On Call emergency response resources & plan info

Easy to use

Proven success in increasing traveler awareness of travel risk management services

Enhanced services also available through partnership:

  • Safe check messaging & GPS locating via text, email, and Facebook Messenger
  • Additional contact cards – customizable to best-suit your needs

Want to learn more about On Call International & KeynectUp?

By partnering up with On Call and KeynectUp, you receive…

  • 1 KeynectUp card
  • KeynectUp’s core dashboard, including download-tracking
  • Reliable tech support to assist you in building your KeynectUp account