KeynectUp’s Solution:

The KeynectUp Card


Ensure policy information reaches travelers and stays with them via KeynectUp.

KeynectUp provides a modern method to share and save policy information with constituents and their travelers – all without an app. Global response contacts, plan information, unique policy numbers & PDFs, and more are saved directly onto travelers’ phones. All included plan information can be retrieved with one simple search on the traveler’s phone.


Distinguishing features:

Modern replacement for physical cards

KeynectUp allows you to save all integral information typically placed on business cards directly into travelers’ phones. Reduce misdials by placing customized resources on a device that’s always in your member’s pocket.


Fully customizable with unique policy resources

Customize your KeynectUp card with insurance contacts, policy numbers, online resources, and more – all with their own custom labels. Unique policy resources, including policy numbers and PDFs, can be included, as well.

Digital deployment

No app required! KeynectUp helps customize a distribution plan that best-fits your deployment preferences. Distribution options include email and SMS delivery options.

Differentiate your brand

Help end-users connect with your brand by delivering a logo-identified contact card directly to their personal phone. 

On Call International Integrates Innovative Information Sharing Platform: KeynectUp

“This technology will put On Call’s clients in a stronger position to display their commitment to duty of care by giving their travelers a simple, straightforward method of storing and retrieving potentially life-saving information.” Thomas Davidson, President of On Call International.