Are your travelers prepared to proactively handle emergencies overseas?

On Call International Integrates Innovative Information Sharing Platform: KeynectUp

“This technology will put On Call’s clients in a stronger position to display their commitment to duty of care by giving their travelers a simple, straightforward method of storing and retrieving potentially life-saving information.” Thomas Davidson, President of On Call International.

KeynectUp’s Solution:


Ensure policy information reaches travelers and stays with them via KeynectUp.

KeynectUp provides a modern method to share and save policy information with constituents and their travelers – all without an app. Global response contacts, plan information, policy numbers, and more are saved directly onto travelers’ phones with one simple text. All included plan information can be retrieved with one simple search on the traveler’s phone.


Distinguishing features:

Modern replacement for physical cards

KeynectUp allows you to save all integral information typically placed on business cards into travelers’ phones. Insurance contacts, policy numbers, and more are saved in one location, enabling travelers to reach out in seconds during a crisis.

Fool-proof deployment

No app required! Simply share your customized key-code and tell users to text it to 444-999. The card will save to their phone immediately.

One-time GeoTracking

Allow a traveler to share their current location during an emergency. Help your emergency staff locate a user in distress quickly and accurately without draining battery on the traveler’s phone.
The results are impressive.


In this video, Dan Dougherty, KeynectUp co-founder, demonstrates how KeynectUp has been used in the past with study abroad groups.