“Our partnership with Via TRM and KeynectUp has been an overwhelming success. We’ve seen an increase not only in leads, but also lead conversion, which is really what everyone is looking for. Once we convert those leads, KeynectUp has helped us ensure that our students abroad have all of the important information they need in one easy contact card.”

Lee Frankel, Director:

Academic Studies Abroad

Via TRM allows your office to…

Manage study abroad applications and advising in one place with Via TRM’s unique digital advising center.

Engage students at every stage of their journey abroad, from interest through alumni.


Help students navigate their choices through the Proprietary Program Matching™ recommendation engine. Student travelers put in program preferences and get matched to approved programs.


Create custom program pages in minutes.

Create event pages for easy sign-up and registration.

KeynectUp gives your office access to…

Emergency resources - no app required

Store all important emergency contacts and resources on students’ phones, where they are accessible without wifi.

Collect students' international phone numbers

Track when a student deactivates their U.S. phone and begins to use a new, international phone. Collect that new number digitally to insure accuracy.


Safety-Check Platform

Reach students during an emergency via text, email, and Facebook Messenger, with responses organizing neatly on a shareable dashboard.

App-free Geotag

Perform one-time geotagging, which won’t drain a student’s phone battery.

Want to learn more about KeynectUp & Via TRM?

By joining forces with KeynectUp and Via TRM, you receive…

  • 2 KeynectUp emergency resource cards
  • KeynectUp’s Safe Check Platform
  • A robust Advising and Application management system from Via TRM