Want to know what KeynectUp looks like in action? You’ve come to the right place!

Check out our video library below. In these videos, we recap the basics of KeynectUp, including what a KeynectUp card looks like, how to use it, and how it keeps your calls from being sent to voicemail.

What is KeynectUp?

KeynectUp allows you to deliver easy-to-utilize resources to your clients in seconds. In this video, check out what a KeynectUp card looks like on a phone, how it’s downloaded, and how it can be used by your clients.

How does KeynectUp save your call from the spam filter?

Did you know that a KeynectUp card can save your calls from being sent to voicemail? On average, only 46% of unidentified callers (or – numbers that aren’t saved to contacts) are answered on cell phones. With KeynectUp, your phone number is saved as a contact on clients’ phones. This guarantees your call is never mistaken for a robo-caller and increases the chances that your client will pick up.