Business Card

Enterprise vCard extends the standard format and traditional reach of a .vcf file. A business creates and maintains their Enterprise vCard on the self service KeynectUp platform. The output for the business is a unique URL with a unique handle secured by the business. Securing a Enterprise vCard allows a business to control exactly how they appear as a contact on the desktops and mobile devices of counter parties in their marketplace.

Lead Gen

KeynectUp is being used at networking events, trade shows, career fairs by some of the top companies in the country. With our unique analytics, companies are not only getting a better return from these events, but they can also see which members of their team are most effective.


KeynectUp is one of the most natural ways to generate leads from a business presentation. We have had customers walk away with over 100 leads from an event where they would typically 5-7 leads. If you would like to see this kind of return from your next event, call us.