Let’s chat!

Come meet the KeynectUp Team in Philadelphia during NAFSA2018! We’d love to meet up to chat about anything from technology for study abroad to phone usage overseas. The KeynectUp Team will be stationed at the Go Overseas Pavilion, located at P2217. Scroll down to book a meeting with either Bradley, Jesse, or Kevin.


Meet Bradley, one of the KeynectUp team members attending NAFSA 2018!


Want to win a free Echo Show while at NAFSA?!

Along with our partners at On Call International, we will be hosting a raffle during the week of NAFSA! The prize for two winners is a free Echo Show – Amazon’s latest smart speaker with a 7″ touchscreen. That’s a $230 value!


How can you enter?

Simply book a meeting at NAFSA: one with either the KeynectUp Team or the On Call Team. After completing a meeting, you will be entered into the raffle. If you want to increase your chances to win, just book a meetings with both teams – you’ll be entered into the raffle twice! We’ll announce the winner on Friday, June 1st, and ship you your prize after NAFSA ends. KeynectUp and On Call will both be located at the Go Overseas Pavilion at #2217.


Get a jump-start on the raffle and book your meetings now. You’ll receive your raffle card on-site at NAFSA.

To book a meeting with KeynectUp: scroll down to book a meeting with one of the three KeynectUp team members at NAFSA.

To book a meeting with On Call: book a meeting with Diane here or book a meeting with Kelly here.