Outlook/Exchange, iPhone Issues

iPhone (IOS) has an issue saving contact cards to Exchange. It’s a known bug with Microsoft. There is an easy fix and we have included the instructions on this page.

Microsoft by default tries to get you to save all your contacts to their server without asking your permission. Most people do not want to do this. By making the changes on this page, your contacts will be saved to your iPhone or personal web service.

This does not affect your Exchange contacts; your Exchange contacts will appear as normal. This simply changes the first location that your new contacts are saved.

Go to Settings and then to Contacts:

Your default account is probably set Exchange or some other corporate server:

Change your default account to iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, or phone (anything BUT Microsoft/Exchange):

Your default account should now be changed:


You can now save contact cards as normal. We have heard that Microsoft is working on a fix for these issues and we hope something will arrive in 2020. Remember: if you are storing all your contacts in Exchange, and if you change jobs, you may lose all your personal contacts. Our recommendation is to use iCloud or Gmail for all your contacts.