Study Abroad

Bentley University Case Study

The Challenge

  • Ensure all study abroad students were equipped with local safety contacts at all times
  • Improve communication between Faculty and Students
  • Replace the need for a paper contact sheet for traveling personnel

The Solution

  • Multiple KeynectUp cards with customizable information that downloads directly into student smartphones and require no wifi to access
  • Provide offline access to important contact information
  • Deliver trip brochure to all attending students

Bentley University is a small business-focused school located nine miles west of Boston. As part of the school’s initiative to encourage socially responsible leadership, Bentley’s International Education program has boomed over the past few years, sending 700+ students to over 40 unique countries every year.

Yet ensuring students safety abroad was always a struggle. Bentley’s abroad programming handed out laminated cards that included all important safety numbers, but there was no guarantee that students wouldn’t lose or forget about the physical cards.

With the use of KeynectUp’s services, Bentley took all emergency abroad contacts off the laminated card an onto student phones. Students were prepped before departure by downloading the card with one simple text. Bentley created one card for each program students attended, each customized with local taxi numbers, the local U.S. consulate, and useful phrases in the local language. No wifi was necessary to access the card once abroad – it was saved in the students native contacts app, reachable by a contacts search at any time.


Students Aboard


Cards downloaded for schools

KeynectUp cards make students safer.

Easy Deployment

No app required! Simply share your customized key-code and tell students to text it to 444-999. The card will download to their phone immediately.

Relevant Information

Don’t force your student to click through multiple pages to find the resources they need. Share the contacts you think are important with your students – KeynectUp allows them to be stored all in one place.

Extensive Data Results

Analyze how many students download your card with our easy-to-use data tracker.

The Results Were Amazing

In this video Christine Hollenhorst explains why Bentley chose Keynectup for her school and students.

“We chose KeynectUp as it is a tool that the students simply understand and we know it will make their trip safer and more enjoyable”, Christine Hollenhorst – Senior Assistant Director Bentley University