How do your students know who to contact during an emergency?
And how do you ensure your students have access to these contacts within seconds?



KeynectUp’s Solution: The KeynectUp Card



Ensure emergency campus contacts reach students and stay with them via KeynectUp.



KeynectUp provides a modern method to share and save safety resources with your students in a place they can access easily: the native contacts app on their phone. Customize your own KeynectUp card with your campus’ and community’s resources, including phone numbers, emails, & links for campus safety, the Title IX office, escorting services on campus, and local clinics and hospitals. Utilize KeynectUp’s custom labels to specify hours of operation and confidentiality on each resource, allowing students to quickly identify who to contact during an emergency. Once saved to a student’s phone, a KeynectUp card and the contained emergency resources can be accessed in seconds.


The KeynectUp Safety Card

Better-distribute emergency resources

Share your institute’s emergency contacts, including campus safety and the Title IX Coordinator’s number and email. KeynectUp’s custom labels allow for you to give unique and specific labels to each phone number, email, and link.


Collect custom information from students

Customize the card to collect information from students as they download the card to their phones. You can collect anything from phone numbers, emails, and even answers to customized questions (eg, “What school year are you?”).

Share unlimited customizable notes

Fill out the notes section with information on Title IX, campus safety protocol, information on how to report, and more.


Link to your own PDFs

Share your own PDFs as links, including a PDF for your campus’ Clery Report.

Want to see a real use case of KeynectUp?
Check out how Villanova implemented KeynectUp for all incoming freshmen students.

Want to learn more?

We customize a KeynectUp solution to best suite your office and your needs.