The KeynectUp Two-Way Messaging platform allows for instant mobile communication with your audience without the need for an app. Send messages to recipients via two channels: SMS and email. All recipients’ responses organize neatly on your KeynectUp dashboard.

Communicate with travelers via 2 channels

Stay in contact with your students via two platforms: SMS and email. All responses organize neatly on your KeynectUp dashboard.

Geotag your travelers without an app

Locate your students without forcing them to download a battery-draining app. Students share their location with one click of a link. All student responses organize on one map on the KeynectUp dashboard.

Collect students' international numbers

Do your students buy new phone numbers when they arrive in their host country? Collect their international number with one simple text on their part.

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KeynectUp’s packages are customizable and can include…

  • Any amount of customizable trip cards tailored to any study abroad trip you host
  • The Safe-Check Platform, which includes messaging via SMS and email, as well as Geo-tagging